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Schedule watchfaces

It would be neat to create custom watch faces for different times of the day. For instance, one for work, one for home, one for catching the next train, etc.

Chris Fong , 16.12.2015, 02:15
Idea status: under consideration


Neill, 04.01.2018, 21:50
It would be great to be able to automatically switch between an agenda based watch and a prettier one based on time of day - in work or not. Would be nice to have tasker integration on it too - then I could set the face based on location, etc
Dreamfinder, 20.01.2019, 14:08
You can use "{dh24}>=[hour you want watch to switch] and '100' or '0' on the layers you want to bother appear until later, and then layer the layers you want to see later on top of the earlier-showing ones. here is an example of how to do this, if you want to use a template: http://www.getwatchmaker.com/watch/sr1GByfGX4

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