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Be able to open Google Search from within WM

I would like to have a tappable action to open "Google Search" function, like a wm_action(google.search.com).

It is the same as saying "OK Google", but without. It would just open the "Speak" icon.

As a very great plus, it would be incredible if it was possible to pass parameters to the wm_action(), like the text simulating a voice input. Whith this, you could create from a WatchMaker/LUA script, an action like:
wm_action(google.search.com, "send wathsapp to name.of.person"), and this would send a whatsapp. Many other things would be possible, which today are only available through voiced actions in Android Wear.

JuanG , 22.12.2015, 22:27
Idea status: under consideration


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