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Instead of the mywatches tab displaying and overwhelming you with all your faces there should be different user created Watch boxes. The user should have the ability to create and name Watch boxes and then add the various faces they have collected into these Watch boxes. For example I could make a watch box called casual and maybe one called blue faces or even one called favorites. By default one of the boxes should be an all watches box. Watches shouldn't be literally stored into the box, meaning, if I have a face called "TheFace" there shouldn't be a problem with "TheFace" appearing in both my favorites box as well as the box I created called weekends.

This will add a new elegant and fun apeeal to watchmaker. Users could customize the Watch boxes by picking the kind of wood and the finish and the color of the material lining the inside of the box. Each face should be displayed on a watch pilow (as in the cushion thing the huawei watch rests on when you open the retail box). After entering the box the watch faces should be displayed on a pillow and the border should be the material that lines the inside of that watch box. If that's the case then scrolling through your watches will give you the feel like your looking through a real watch box! Looking forward to organizing my collection in style.

Anyways Food for thought. I love this idea and would love a method of organizing my 300+watches. If you would like to see this a reality please share my post and up vote it.

Don Cohen

P.S watchmaker, this is my idea and credit should be given where it is deserved feel free to make it up to me when this update brings your app to the next level.

Don Cohen , 09.09.2016, 14:04
Idea status: under consideration


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