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have watchmaker pro working on ios... pleeeeease!!


I'm a big fan of watchmaker and I use it every day. The problem is, I have and android tablet (Samsung Note 10.1) which is syncronised with my Huawei W1, but my every day smart phone is an iPhone.

So please develop an IOS version of WatchMaker because that way I can use the full feactures of my watch when connected to the iPhone... otherwise I can only do a few things.

Thank you very much.
Best regards

Joao Paulo , 10.01.2017, 10:06
Idea status: under consideration


AlexCurran, 14.03.2017, 20:57
WatchMaker for IOS out now!
Joao Paulo, 17.03.2017, 12:04
Hi all... I have already downloaded and installed the app Watchmaker for IOS in Apple Store. For the next step, I bought the Pro version to be able to import watchfaces from Facerepo. Not only I'm not able to get Facerepo watchfaces into watchmaker, but alson I'm not able to send the default watchfaces from watchmaker IOS into the my Huawei watch. Can anyone help, please? Thankyou.
AlexCurran, 17.03.2017, 12:07
To import from FaceRepo, you must copy the FaceRepo link to your clipboard from your browser. Then hit import and enter the URL.

To send to your Huawei make sure your Huawei has WatchMaker 4.1.0 installed and use WatchMaker CloudSync :

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