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Get crucial operating info via push notifications

Some time ago, Watchmaker gained the ability to send push notifications. Unfortunately, this was used only to send spam about watchface collections for sale, so I turned it off. (I still see the offers in the Watchmaker app, but I do not want to be spammed with sale offers. Sorry! I'll acknowledge that those faces are superior to my own designs, but I prefer to stick with my own work.) Recently, on two separate occasions, changes in the Watchmaker app have diminished its usefulness or made it completely unusable, until I went to the G+ group and researched the problem.

First, a question: if I had still been receiving push notifications, would I have been notified of these issues?

Second, another question: if not, why not? Wouldn't it make sense to alert users to problems you've created, before have to deal with them? Please bear in mind that it's not necessarily obvious that the problem is with Watchmaker. In the case of the new maximum allowed brightness settings, it simply appeared that ambient mode had stopped working, so I did not immediately go to the Watchmaker G+ group for an explanation. Bear in mind, too, that for some of us Watchmaker is simply a product we use and depend on, not a social club where we hang out. I've got faces I like, so I'm not constantly checking for new ones.

Third and finally, my suggestion: if you aren't already notifying your users of conflicts created by new features, please start doing so! I've turned the push notifications back on, so I'll see if this is implemented. At the same time, please give us an option to opt out of the spam! Seriously, it does you no good to nag me about something I'm not going to buy, anyway; it just annoys me (and more importantly, there are bound to be other users who feel the same way).

RobbH, 30.06.2017, 00:03
Idea status: under consideration


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