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Watch face updates to be automatically downloaded by phone app.

Can watch faces please be automatically updated when a user views a watch face, either in the phone app or selecting it on their watch. The app could do a quick version check and pull an update if available.

I made a few bug fixes to one of my watch faces. I noticed that the updates didn't update on the store downloaded copy of my face.

To get it updated I tried visiting the store and clicking on the face again. This took me to the view of my face, but it was still the old version. Then I noticed there isn't even an Update button in the options list (Set wall paper, Delete, ..., Report Watch). Even the webpage for the face doesn't indicate the version number or the last updated date, only the original upload date.

So it seems the only way to even check for updates is to delete it from the phone and download it again from scratch. What user is ever going to try that just in case there's an update available?

Automated downloads could be seamless and would allow for a much better user experience.

RogueQD, 30.07.2017, 23:40
Idea status: under consideration


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