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More or custom timezone labels or devices timezones

I like that you can show different time zones on the watch. But the labels are very limited and don't really reflect the time that I want to show. For example for IST ( India Standard Time ) has as label Sri Lanka. So I see some options how this can be fixed.
1) Show all most popular time zones ( https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/?sort=2 )
2) Give the option to create own labels ( 3 letter code + long name )
3) Use the timezone available on the device for example use the timezones available on Android.

victor-perez , 13.12.2017, 09:18
Idea status: under consideration


Brownie, 26.02.2018, 20:31
I have exactly the same request
1) support for a timezones
2) being able to specify your own city name label

This request probably does not get a lot of votes as most people do not worry about timezones.
However for frequent travelers like me specifying your own label names is a nice feature.
I love your product and purchased for more than 30 euro watchface so considers myself as a serious customer

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