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Xiaomi mi watch screen size support

Would be cool to have watchfaces fully covered screen of mi watch

Ahsim , 08.01.2020, 08:32
Idea status: under consideration


Baillezon, 08.01.2020, 12:35
Seems like the resolution is 368 x 448 pixels.
Actually we have a black rectangle at the top of the screen...
Oleg, 11.01.2020, 07:11
Sounds good, I vote for this too.
Дмитрий, 11.01.2020, 10:04
Я только ЗА!
Andrei, 12.01.2020, 12:14
Love Mi watch!
Alexander , 12.01.2020, 13:08
I Vote
David, 12.01.2020, 14:25
Suppor to our Xiaomi Mi Watch
Giovanni, 08.03.2020, 19:45
Problem screen xiaomi mi watch fix

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