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Multiline Text

Allow multiline text - no more need for multiple text layers

AlexCurran, 08.01.2015, 09:32
Idea status: under consideration


Brak, 10.01.2015, 16:46
This would be excellent. This combined with the ability to style the text with something like bbcode or basic html or something would be warmly welcomed. Bonus for the ability to set a different font for portions of the text would be lovely (usually the system-bolding of a font is less pretty than the bold variant of said font).

My one additional request is that you'd have the ability to set the line-height of this multi-line rich-text object. This would eliminate the need to have 2 text objects just because the line-height is too tall (in cases where you want the lines to be closer together.)
Joe, 17.04.2015, 15:17
Very basic multiline text exists but has troubles:
-doesn't allow any math or variables in the rows
-text does not align left or right properly

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