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Hollow shapes

Ability to create hollow shapes with outline only and zero fill.
Existing outline option is applied as a Solid fill.
As such cannot make the original shape transparent to show only the outline.

Niteowl , 08.01.2015, 15:40
Idea status: under consideration


Joe, 09.01.2015, 15:29
This would be great. Make sure to allow the shader aspects as well so an "arc" could be expanded (for length of appointment, or to indicate daylight hours)
farzad khalafi, 03.07.2015, 23:33
If it works like a halo that would be awesome. If a shape could be defined then a size and a thickness for the halo. The middle of the shape should be transparent.

If it is a feature available only in paid app then even better.
yobby, 27.10.2015, 13:24
I would love this.
Just change 'radius' to 'outer radius', and add an 'inner radius'. The portion smaller than the inner radius should be transparent.
Colin Hughes, 16.10.2016, 22:46
The ability for boolean manipulation for shapes would be useful. Eg a square with a round hole cut from it; circle with a rectangular hole; rectangles with rounded corners.

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