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Google Weather

Add Google as a weather provider, this would allow the same information to be displayed on the watch as on Google now

bakeri666, 08.01.2015, 15:52
Idea status: under consideration


AlexCurran, 12.01.2015, 08:44
Not sure if this is technically possible yet as its a private API (although Google Fit this turned out not to be the case).

If anyone has any technical information on how to get around this private API, please post here and we'll definitely take a look.
Giammo, 14.01.2015, 19:11
I've just read this:

"All weather conditions and forecasts are provided by Weather Underground, Inc."

I'm setting a Get Http with tasker to read these weather datas, you can add the coordinates in the link, like this:


Implementation in WatchMaker would be perfect!
yourdaguy, 19.01.2015, 15:54
Weather Underground is the best weather by far. I would be so happy if this is implemented.
mbecroft, 20.01.2015, 06:47
Agree 100%. Current weather support is useless here in Auckland, NZ. Weather Underground is the way to go.

Even Yahoo Weather would be fine if it worked properly. Yahoo Weather works fine on my phone, so obviously Watchmaker is just interfacing to it wrong when it shows 'condition: unknown'.

What's also needed is a normalised 'condition' tag that gives a common set of values regardless of the underlying weather provider (and the same for some of the other parameters that vary among providers). As it is, it's impossible to write a weather condition expression that works across weather providers.

Improving the weather feature is utterly essential, since at present it's non-functional for many users.
Mark, 21.01.2015, 01:55
Another possibility would be forecast.io. They have an extremely easy to use api and provide good localised data, although in some places (like Australia where I am) not as good. :)
Sean, 07.07.2015, 19:41
I was just researching how to get high tide, low tide and tide height data via api and weatherunderground will provide it. So I vote for this feature.

I couldn't determine if yahoo weather has tide data, openweather does not seem to.
Matteo Nannarelli , 03.09.2015, 09:57
Hi! On my phone it is written that Google now uses www.weather.com which is The Weather Channel, i don't know if i can set it or in Italy it is just like that, but can you please add it too?
rdq, 23.01.2016, 14:32
Watchmaker has not been able to get an update from Yahoo Weather in four days. (I live in Austin, Texas.) I've been using Yahoo because OpenWeather often provides missing or bad data. This is an area of Watchmaker that is in critical need of work. Putting in additional sources would be a huge step forward. I would like to see the Weather Underground (which I think is where Google gets their data), but the Weather Channel would also be good.

Weather is the main reason why I use Watchmaker. Please try to get us a weather feed that works reliably.
Catauga, 28.02.2016, 03:07
I'm trying to turn Celsius into Fahrenheit. I couldn't find the feature.
eagerson, 29.03.2016, 20:16
I think the idea, for me at least, is not necessarily the fact that I think Google's choice of meteorologist is better than Yahoo's, or vice versa, but that there should be consistency across my watch and phone, and between both. If my phone says it's 50°, my watch should say the same thing, even if it's less accurate than another site that reports the temperature as 56°. And if the weather card on my watch says 50°,then it's especially jarring to have that card pop up on a watch face that says 56°.
BaatzGirl, 18.10.2016, 23:51
Totally agree. I've been using the Yahoo weather and had my watch say it was rainy and 39° degrees when I was at work yesterday while my phone was saying it was like 62° and Cloudy. Only when I got home did the weather change and be a little more accurate.
AlexCurran, 29.03.2016, 20:27
I still don't see any API for Google Weather although I agree its a good idea
Gerhard Gruber , 03.07.2017, 12:55
Hi, as an iPhone user I'm missing the weather very much on my WM watchfaces. Perhaps it could be possible to use Weather Underground and everyone can get a license there by free. Also missing a few other options on an iPhone. Thanks anyway, Watchmaker is a great app!
Dane , 15.01.2020, 02:55
If Watchmaker will fix the weather update and compass issues, I will pay for the VIP subscription. If enough customers will also agree then maybe they will be motivated to fix these two issues.

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