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More watch face instances on watch

Being able to have more than one WatchMaker watchface of your watch. So you can switch on your watch between the (for example 3) watch faces you like most.

jtiebosch, 08.01.2015, 21:56
Idea status: under consideration


Watchaddicted, 19.01.2015, 18:33
Exactly what I'm also looking for! Have so many nice watch faces now, but have to upload them always from my phone... I really would appreciate to have the possibility to change on the watch between the 10 best faces... Anything in the pipeline like this? And hey - Thanks so much for this absolutely GREAT app!! *hopelesslyaddicted*
JTiebosch, 24.02.2015, 17:24
Previous, because I have both the premium version and the non premium version on my phone, I had two instances and these work fine. No battery drain noticed or other issurs ever.
Unfortunately, multiple instances has not been implemented, but the possibility to have premium an non premium installed has been disabled...
Rainer, 15.03.2015, 06:08
I use Tasker to change faces.
Works pretty well!
Tuatha , 04.08.2015, 22:09
just long press on watch to change face, click on cog below Red Watchmaker icon & select from faces already sent from phone to watch. I use it to switch between my 4 favourite designs. Takes 4 seconds.
Charls, 10.08.2015, 01:48
Thank you!
Extraclass , 01.03.2018, 20:17
I do not see a cog on my S-3 display?
MarvinR, 11.07.2018, 16:29
on S3 you need to double tap(or triple, or quadruple depending on settings) on an empty area on the watchface to switch.
this also lets you access some other watchmaker settings.

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