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Group elements so that they can moved/scaled

The ability group elements so that they can be treated as a single layer for the purpose of moving out scaling. This could be presented as nested layers.

Russ , 09.01.2015, 00:29
Idea status: under consideration


B@rberousse, 27.03.2015, 14:49
It would be really great to create layer groups for several reasons:
At the same time to modify the properties of the group objects (tiller, position, color, etc ...)
Readability and research objects ... I'm working on a model that has at least 100 objects (Lots screens and multiple objects per screen) and it gets very complicated !!
Thank you for the consideration.
ocorten, 28.03.2015, 12:57
When we can add layer groups, what kind of attributes should we able to change in the group.
My suggestion would be at least a:
• Groupname {gname}
• Group X and Y position (gxpos{ {gypos}
• Group color {gcolor}
• Group opacity {gopacity}
These attributes can then be used in underlying layers.

Next request would be the ability to nest groups (maybe rethink about the groupattribute idea?)
And to copy groups.
a_str8, 16.09.2015, 03:16
Add to that list:
- group rotation
- group visibility (bright, dimmed)
FunkMstr, 05.11.2015, 22:49
I think this would be a great idea. Using LUA to modify the properties of a group would be extremely useful
agoubard, 16.10.2016, 11:46
That's something you can do in The Desktop Watchmaker
You can select multiple layers in the watch and use bulk editing to move/scale these layers at the same time:

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