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Can I view the next alarm in my watchface?

Make a code to view the next alarm in watchface

Antonio , 09.01.2015, 04:43
Idea status: under consideration


Giammo, 11.01.2015, 00:02
You can use Tasker + Autoalarm to send next alarm informations to your watch, but a simple variable in watchmaker (with auto-update when you set a new alarm on your phone) will be easier!
mfiori, 03.03.2015, 19:27
Yes, I second this one. There is an alarm/timer on the watch. It would be very useful to have a tag for that particular value i.e. the time and the rotation.
Robin, 05.03.2015, 01:00
Timely information is a big use/drawcard for a smart watch. I would love this feature, to enable a count down timer to the next alarm etc.
These are things I'd use more on a watch than on a phone, as they're not always worth unlocking a phone for.
Maybe the 'count down to a date' function could be enhanced to include time as well as date.
1Ronnie, 15.03.2015, 23:02
I would also like to be able to control the Watch Alarm, as opposed to the Phone Alarm. It would fit in with a number of Digital Watches well.
alex, 30.03.2015, 14:46
gadgetchannel, 30.03.2015, 17:28
I don't think it is possible to get a list of alarms set on the watch in the default app (Clock). However, it is possible to change the default app on the watch which handles alarms. You simply need your app to handle the android.intent.action.SET_ALARM intent (see https://developer.android.com/training/wearables/apps/voice.html). This would mean that if WatchMaker could handle this, we could make it our default app for alarms. As alarms would then be created by WatchMaker it would have access to these.
If we don't want this to be part of WatchMaker, then an alternative would be for a someone to make a third-party alarm app which supports Tasker and so can be used with WatchMaker.

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