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More watch hands

The current options are very limited and don't offer a very clean feel. I would like to see a lot more hands to choose from, both flat and 3D.

Arik , 09.01.2015, 12:23
Idea status: under consideration


Joe, 09.01.2015, 14:32
A watch hand widget similar to the freeform markers, or maybe this is really just a new polygon shape that allows you to rotate it at some offset.???
akiPika, 26.01.2015, 12:38
There should also be white second hands so you can use Tint properly...
tjg, 08.12.2018, 04:03
Or use real color instead of tint. I don't understand why I can't set a hand to be any color.
K Daniels , 19.02.2015, 13:21
Yes please. More hands!
MarkWilkes, 22.04.2015, 19:22
This would be my #1 requested feature- a library of these would really help beginners.
Juan U, 23.05.2015, 14:00
Or have an option to select a watch hand from any face and be able to add it to the watch hands collection
Terry Zahn, 30.09.2015, 13:30
Import Watch Hand Zip Packs, There are hundreds!
Mabinogion, 16.05.2016, 12:08
Ever hear of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop?
Create your own!
Datawolf, 12.06.2017, 18:13
Yes more option for hands would be great and easier
Paul W Creswell, 23.01.2019, 20:44
More hands would be amazing
Earl, 16.04.2019, 22:27
You can make your own watch hands with any graphics editor that handles PNG files with transparencies. Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, GIMP(Free) and even Paint3D (free with Win10) all can do this.

You can either download premade hands for free, make any shape/color you want yourself or even use an image (skyscrapper? NASA Rocket? etc).

Just copy that image to your phone and then import it into WatchMaker and add a rotation based on hours, minutes or seconds to it.

It's even easier than it sounds!
Earl, 16.04.2019, 22:33
Oh and you can also snag hands from free watchfaces. You can either export the watch and move the hands or do the following:
1.) Make a copy of the watch you like.
2.) Delete all elements, besides the hands, that you don't want
3.) Build a new watch around those hands.
Elad, 06.05.2019, 05:56
U can make watchfaces to kw88 pro?

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