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Have curved text in number rings as well

We have curved text, that's great. What would be great is to have a curved text option for weekday/month name number rings as well (right now these texts are "flat").

n1k0 , 09.01.2015, 16:55
Idea status: under consideration


AlexCurran, 26.02.2015, 17:04
Not sure I understand - if you create a number ring with weekdays, then you can set rotated text if required
n1k0, 27.02.2015, 09:09
What I mean is that with eg. a month circular ring, each month name text isn't curved, it's "flat"; it would be great to slightly curve these as well, probably using an option though.
AlexCurran, 27.02.2015, 09:20
Ah yes now I understand - thanks.

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