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Air Presdure Data Enhancement

Have mBar and inHg options available. This works mean converting from weather data but would create consistency as yahoo provides {wp} in inHg whilst Open Weather uses the more usual mbar.

Add watch barometer sensor data.
This would also allow for altitude calculations when combined with the weather service air pressure data

bakeri666, 09.01.2015, 20:23
Idea status: under consideration


yourdaguy, 09.01.2015, 21:25
{wp } > 800 and string.sub({wp} *0.02953 ,1 ,5) or {wp} Converts either to InHg and rounds to 2 decimals.
{wp} < 70 and string.sub({wp} *33.8637526 ,1 ,5) or {wp} Gives millibars from either site.
Problem solved!
TJG, 15.09.2015, 22:37
Add barometric trend data. Baro is much more useful if you know how its changing. I'd like to see historical data. What was the pressure 'n' hours ago? And/or an arrow: horizontal=steady, 45 deg=rising/falling, vert= rising/falling fast, double vert=rising/falling very fast.

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