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I'd like to change ambient mode brightness.

Wear's settings allow a brightness setting 1..6. I have the dimmest mode selected (1). But the ambient mode is brighter that the standard one. Two sliders to set both modes brightness would be ideal.

dsmalle, 10.01.2015, 18:06
Idea status: under consideration


noraef, 01.10.2015, 08:01
I would like this sooo much. I've only started playing with WatchMaker, and already love it. Thing is on the Huawei watch, the ambient mode as well is brighter than awake at level 1 brightness (seems like ambient mode brightness is fixed).

Can work that around to some level, using a partially transparent black layer above all others, and only activate it in ambient mode, but then, icons such as the mute one, or notification previews will still get above that layer, and end up blindingly bright at night...

So if Watchmaker could implement such a workaround, but to really everything that's on screen, it'd be perfect.
Cristiano, 23.05.2016, 03:42
Is this possible? I'd love this feature!
Fizard, 23.05.2016, 03:46
I really want this! All the watch faces I get I have to edit it and make them opacity change on dimmed mode, it works (only for editable watches) but not as good as if watchface had this useful option and I say, it can take me a Lot of changes in some watches with something that could be global! The ambient mode being brighter then the normal mode is absurd. Google should make this option to be honest.
Tony Minides, 29.09.2016, 09:01
Come on guys. This feature is a must!
MR TONY, 13.12.2016, 08:16
This feature is a must as the ambient brightness is far too.low in bright environments. Inam ready to switch apps. Come on guys!

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