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GIF Features

I have a couple feature requests that would make using Gifs a little more convenient while introducing new possibilities for faces.

1. GIF transparency support.
2. Ability to set loop preferences. Like "Loop forever","loop once", etc.
3. A value to read a GIF's current frame number, or if it's finished playing.

Ryan , 12.01.2015, 20:24
Idea status: under consideration


Shalafi, 29.08.2016, 15:52
I really think this features should be "a must" in WM.
Working with GIF is a bit useless if we cannot use transparency or some actions/procedures/functions.

* A workaround to allow transparency (from the WM developer point of view) could be to extract the frames as PNG instead of as JPG (like today). A very simple change with a lot of power.

* And talking about actions, I will really appreciate two functions to use with GIFs: start_animation and stop_animation (and maybe pause_animation and reset_animation)

With these features I could get a lot of awesome watches that are only in my mind...

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