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Current time zone offset from UTC

Various calculations start from UTC. It would be good to have a new tag in Time for the Time Zone Offset -- then we can calculate UTC without having to bodge by picking a time zone currently at zero. It would also make things robust against daylight saving time changes - eg, calculations on GMT go +1 in BST.

Andy Gates , 12.01.2015, 21:07
Idea status: under consideration


Scott GrantSmith, 18.04.2015, 20:20
I second this with some further suggestions.

Requested feature: Actual UTC time variable. This never has daylight savings applied to it.

What's listed in the time zone settings as "UTC +0:00 London" is not UTC now, it's British Summer Time (BST) which is actually "UTC +1:00". The time in Los Angeles, CA is "UTC -7:00" in PDT (Pacific Daylight Savings Time) and "UTC -8:00" in PST (Pacific Standard Time).

I know that trying to handle all the regional time zone variations (half hour increments, different start and end dates for Summer/Daylight Savings time, no Daylight Savings shift, etc.) would be cumbersome so I'm not asking for that (though you could put it on your long-term feature wish list). However, if we could have a set of UTC variables we could add better world time features to our watch faces.

I'd suggest:
{tz0l} UTC Location e.g. "UTC"
{tz0t} UTC Time e.g. "21:29"
{tz0rh} UTC Rotation hour hand e.g. "285"
{tz0rh24} UTC Rotation hour hand (24h) e.g. "322.75"
{tz0rm} UTC Rotation minute hand e.g. "251.5"

Offset would never be needed because it's always 0 (unless you wanted to have an offset to UTC from the watch or phone's current time).

Thanks for your consideration.
Willum, 02.05.2015, 08:48
What about just give the timezone offset as set on the phone?
Willum, 04.05.2015, 07:05
In the Tips & Trick section is a soution for this (Tasker and APK)
RobbH, 27.06.2015, 19:34
I would also like to see this as a built-in feature in WatchMaker. The timezone offset tag ({tz0o}) suggested by Willum would be ideal. But perhaps an easier way to implement it would be to add {dz1}, {dz2}, and {dz3} tags. These would function the same as {dz}, but for the extra time zones. That way, if an extra time zone were set to London, it would be easy to determine whether that time represented GMT or BST. With that, determining GMT would be trivial.

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