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Global option to fade to black above Moto 360 flat

The Moto 360's black area at the bottom of its screen is much more noticeable to the eye when it is a sudden black contrasting section. This is particularly visible on lighter watch faces. If you as a global option to fade to black just above it (with a sub option for how many pixels high the fade will start), it will be much less stark and more natural. It will almost appear like a shadow. As Watchmaker will have this feature and stand alone faces will likely not, it will also increase loyalty to the WM app.

Chris , 20.01.2015, 07:21
Idea status: under consideration


CJSnet, 20.01.2015, 07:24
Title should read: Global option to fade to black above Moto 360 flat tire
mbecroft, 29.01.2015, 08:29
Until this feature is implemented, may I suggest the following workaround:

Simply create a 320x320 pixel solid black PNG image with the alpha channel blending from transparent to black according to your needs. Place this image in an image layer above all other layers in the watch face, and scale it to 512x512.

I imagine this might be detrimental to performance but should do the job.
Phillip Katulka, 07.03.2018, 23:55
Excellent suggestion. I'm anxious to see this implemented, but if someone could simply create the mask layer as you describe, we could add it to unlocked watches ourselves.
CJSnet, 22.01.2016, 19:50
Can't believe this hasn't been added yet.
Phillip Katulka, 07.03.2018, 23:57
There are variables to determine if the watch is a Moto 360 and also to know if there watch has a flat spot. If only Watchface creators would use them and make their faces take advantage of it so that they can look good on our watches too.

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