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Calendar Event Changeover

Currently, the numbered events only swap when the first one has finished, so {c2t} only become {c1t} when {c1e) has passed. I would like it to swap once {c1b) has passed.

My watch and phone will alert me to the fact that {c1t} is about to start, so once it has started I no longer need to be reminded, or to see it on my watch.

What I would like at that point is for my watch to show me my next event, so that I know that I have to leave this meeting in time to make that one.

I know I can have multiple fields (one for {c1t} and 1 for {c2t}, but setting the visibility of each becomes a pain (especially since I actually want to see other event fields like Location, and Time to Event, all of which would need the same visibility settings).

So just having all the event tags change over once the first one has started would be much easier for me.

LGBob, 21.01.2015, 12:44
Idea status: under consideration


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