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Backup all watch faces

A simple integrated, automatic, way of backing up would be nice. E.g. integrate with the offical google backup service so that 'the cloud' has backups on our behalf?

3to18characters, 26.01.2015, 15:28
Idea status: under consideration


Brian, 11.03.2015, 05:17
This would be fantastic. I'd really like to be able to automatically back up to either Google, Dropbox, or some other service.
Alberto, 07.04.2015, 16:14
perfetto volevo porre lo stesso quesito sarebbe molto buono
Nick, 18.04.2015, 07:30
I spent ages collecting some really cool faces and then I upgraded my phone and lost them all. It would be cool if they were synced to the cloud.

Great software btw, thanks.
mtmello2003, 22.05.2015, 19:52
I agree. That will be a great feature: auto save MY WATCH watches with dropbox, for example...
ahnospell44, 14.06.2015, 10:17
This would be the best feature to add!
andy, 22.06.2015, 12:11
with the amount of times people change phones this feature should be included!
like what has already been said, after building up. a impressive watchface collection I am now changing phone and thought that with an automated back up all my faces would be in watchmaker premium again!!
I can't say how disappointed I am at losing all the faces it's taken me to collect
MR LOUIS D SELMECI, 21.09.2015, 02:39
Totally agree with this new features and think this should be the first thing they do. I've spent loads of time building watches only to lose them if I switch phones, phone breaks, etc. I love this ap but losing my work really deminishes the ap in my mind. I spend a lot less time on my custom watch faces after losing some. Export to drive option would be the best solution. Please vote for this!
Cberkop, 04.10.2015, 14:38
If you want to backup all you watches to Dropbox you can used dropsync to copy the beautiful watch folder to your db account. Or make sure you share all watches and just sync the export folder.
Justin Weberg, 08.11.2015, 18:40
Even Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and/or OneDrive
tjggriffin, 19.11.2015, 16:19
Please also backup to local storage. I managed to loose a long script when WatchMaker stopped unexpectedly. I restarted and went to the face... heart stoppage: Script: None! Fortunately, I duplicate all my faces, just in case. Plus I had other versions with scripts that were pretty close. I was able to recover almost all the way. Backup to a separate directory automatically when one opens or closes a watchface. Maybe add a button to make a backup of the current state while editing.
Chris, 30.12.2016, 08:46
I too spent many hours in collecting the watch faces.
Please integrate a Backup.
Anthony, 04.02.2017, 10:55
Note that there is an Android app "My Watches Companion" that can help you back up a set of watches or your whole collection of watches
Thilana, 20.04.2017, 17:03
New Galaxy S8+, and I use only faces from Watchmaker. But no more faces on "My Watches".
Are they really gone ?
Timin, 11.11.2017, 00:43
Yeap, I want to transfer personal watchface files to new handset, but no ideal how to do it, anyone any ideal?
Stephen Quick, 29.09.2018, 00:51
I'm floored that with all the comments about this there's still no option to backup watch faces
Jed, 07.01.2019, 06:19
Still nothing ? It would be great to have it.
Maztech, 08.09.2019, 22:17
I upgraded my phone and now have to rebuild al my personalized watchfaces. Need back up. The export instructions you provide dont work

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