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Moonrise and Moonset

Please add Moonrise and Moonset variables: {wmr} {wms} {wmrp} {wmrs}

ocorten, 28.01.2015, 12:35
Idea status: under consideration


Allen Dockery, 15.01.2016, 03:21
Please add this, I also need it for a watch I am working on. I have the sun moving, just need the moon also now thank you, Allen
Steeve, 26.09.2017, 23:12
I have created a moon rotation and cycle based watch but have lots of codes based on gregorian calendar witch is not a real phisical variable (we created what we call days and hours) so my moon rotation depends on something not stable and undeniable, if its because you guys are missing ressources there is a awesome easy to use web site for moon and sun cycles
We dont all depend on this fake value witch is time, moon and sun those inpact nature and human beings, please consider to hoverhead other watch system not only being "up to date" (hopes it makes you laught)

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