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Multiple page watchface

So that you could hit a button to change the face to "stopwatch mode" or you could add another page with weather information or steps. It doesn't have to be scrollable; it can just be a button that would switch the information on the face so that it is not all in a single place.

Evan Adrian , 12.02.2015, 01:31
Idea status: under consideration


metaxis, 02.01.2016, 20:58
This can be done now with a variable like "var_page":: tapping buttons set the page to various values, and a boolean equation in the opacity setting: "var_page == 0 and 100 or 0" means only visible on page zero. Hunt around on facerepo and you'll find many. It gets a bit more complicated if you want different actions or buttons - then you have to do the same thing with a coordinate to move it off screen when you don't want it active.

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