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Connect step and pulse counter with Google Fit

Is it possible to exchange the values with google fit? As far as I know Google Fit does have an API to exchange data.
Watchmaker should get the step count from google fit, since this is already counting the steps and adding them into the statistics. If I change the watchface during the day it starts counting from zero, which is not correct. If it would take the value from google fit, it would be always correct, even when changing watchfaces.
For the pulse counter it would be the other way around. When watchmaker whatchface is initiating a pulse measurement, it should give the result olso over to google fit, so it could be entered into the statisctics. For that an option how often to measure wuold be good. This would be excelent during workouts. You could see how your pulse was doing over a certain time.

mstadler, 19.02.2015, 10:41
Idea status: under consideration


Christopher Ashton, 07.05.2015, 17:41
I second this - currently the pulse reader (at least on the 360) doesn't log to fit. This could be a great additional feature for watchmaker. If you had a user preference for how often (maybe 1 min -> 1 hr) to sample and log this would be even better!
Alex , 26.03.2020, 07:19
dbareis, 30.12.2015, 03:34
It should at least be an option with new tags.
Joey Ruben, 08.08.2016, 19:03
I personally don't care about the pulse thing. But for the step count I agree, it sucks that if I change watch faces, or even watches. It would start from 0. But I have other watch faces that do use Fit and it just picks up where I left off. I wish this one had this
BobOki, 08.08.2017, 13:28
I came here just for this. I found it amazing that watchmaker would have it's own separate step counter and not just pull from the fit API in intervals. I mean, I could understand wanting to have a start and stop type tracker built in, much like a stop watch but for steps, but otherwise this is pretty unusable as it is and if you face crashes or you reboot you lose all steps.
Rafael A Perez-Micheli, 26.11.2018, 20:31
Somehow my Ticwatch E managed to do this on its own a few times since May, I synced my Google Fit data with Apple Health so I have records. I don't know how to trigger this but it would be great if we could do this with expressions or something.
Cole Denton, 02.01.2019, 01:22
An option for the source of the step counter as a whole would be great. I use TicHealth with a TicWatch, and it's pretty weird when my watch face says I have 500 steps but then I swipe to the left and TicHealth says I have 1000. If I could tell WatchMaker to just pull the step value from TicHealth or Fit that would be ideal.

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