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More Calendar infomations

To generate a good and correct (!) calendar indication it needs a few more informations:

- Boolean if an event starts/ends within the next 12 hours
- Boolean if an event is an all day event
- Interger on which day an event starts (0 = today, 1 = tomorrow, 2 = in 2 days, ...)
- Interger on which day an event ends (0 = today, 1 = tomorrow, 2 = in 2 days, ...)
- Duration of an event in % of 24 h
({c1ep}-{c1bp} is not the same, if the event goes over midnight or over a few days)

Tom1608, 24.02.2015, 11:30
Idea status: under consideration


Jay Himes, 10.08.2016, 20:14
I am particularly interested in the "Integer on which day an event starts ". I would like to be able to list tomorrow's events, but reduce the opacity or change the color.
RogueQD, 17.11.2016, 08:38
+1 for "Integer on which day an event starts "
rogueqd, 16.07.2017, 11:56
This could easily be solved by making 24 hour calendar tags, eg {c1bp}, go above 1. So 6 am tomorrow would be 1.25 and 6pm in two days time would be 2.75.
The maths of {c1ep}-{c1bp} would calculate properly then too.

+1 for a boolean for all day events
Peter, 07.01.2018, 19:43
I simply want my watch to vibrate at the moment that an event starts. Not like a snooze 15 min early that gets too often ignored, but at the moment that the event starts. I now use the on_minute event in the start script to compare the time of the first event. But i have to look at the event text to see if it starts with "Mon:" etc. And then I could still be off by a week.
So the integer with days until event will help. Or a countdown variable to the first upcoming event.
olpo, 05.06.2018, 12:30
Or simply a tag that shows the day/date of en event

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