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Add Event Triggers

I would like to have a way to handle events. Such as when an event occurs, a lua script gets activated.

Examples of events: Button Press, Ambient Mode (enabled/disabled), card is (displayed/swiped away)

This could in turn trigger a handle written in LUA.

This could work by having an `events handle` property page, like there is a script properties page. This allows the user to write in the name a (void or pre-specified argument) custom function that is written on the script page. The user can then do what they want with the data, like changing the global variables.

reidkersey, 09.03.2015, 05:10
Idea status: under consideration


TJG, 08.02.2019, 15:28
Yes! Please add events: long press, double tap, tap and hold, swipe actions on button. Thanks!

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