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Global variables that outlast watchface change or smartwatch restart

If a watchface has customer setting like color changes etc. this goes lost after smartwatch restart or change of the watchface. So it where nice if can set global variables they are stored on the smartphone to outlast this. Also it where possible to use this global variabe in the feature on the phone to allow the user of the watchface to change settings there. Also if the watchface is protected.
For example. Watchmaker have a small userinterface (defined from watchface creator) on the phone over there can set some default setting over the global variable.

facefromlorenzo, 19.03.2015, 19:55
Idea status: under consideration


DerekVOF, 05.09.2015, 20:49
Totally agree. Very frustrating when you adjust the face to the way you like it, and then you accidentally switch faces, and have to reset everything. Of course if variables are persistent, I think there should also be a "reset to default settings" button/feature as well so you don't get stuck with a corrupt face or something.

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