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google fit inegration

Google fit integration so we can switch watch hands, leave our phone or watch and still have a single accurate number of steps.

Tanner Porath , 29.04.2015, 21:02
Idea status: under consideration


Andy Gates, 28.10.2015, 15:27
What would be very useful is the Google Fit widget (as seen on GF watchface and Instaweather faces) - the ability to drop that into a watchface would be great.
Nobodysshadow , 30.11.2015, 20:09
Yes a similar integration as by Instaweather would be nice.
Also the new function with heart rate monitoring to Google Fit.
dbareis, 30.12.2015, 03:27
I want my watch step count to match that shown in Google fit
BobOki, 08.08.2017, 13:23
I second this! There is no reason that the watchface should be counting it's own steps, and not just pulling from simple fit API instead at intervals.
Heath Borders, 07.04.2016, 17:32
I bought this and made a custom watch face I was pretty happy with, but then was very disappointed when I saw that I can't access my Google Fit data, especially when other watch faces like FitCat do it.
Adam, 09.10.2016, 07:01
Google recently added new API's to pull the current step count from google fit, making this request dead simple to implement. See here: https://developers.google.com/fit/android/history I would LOVE to see a google fit step count tag in watch maker.
knaztea, 02.03.2017, 22:36
This really needs to be implemented on a paid app. Paying money and spending hours making a watch face only to have it give bad step counting data is not cool
Johnny d, 05.06.2018, 03:07
Agree 10000%

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