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Steps to miles converter

Convert and display steps to miles.

The rule of thumb is 42% of the persons height.

Conversion in feet: (5280 * 12)/ (height in inches * .42). Once the persons height is entered it becomes s constant.
For example, height of 5 feet 9 inches = 69 inches. (5280*12)/(69*.42)= 2186 (never changes)

To display miles on the watch face: text item “miles “..string.sub({SSC}/2186,1,4)

If the user's height, 69 inches in this example, could be stored as a setting in the app, then the addition of miles walked should be easily obtained.

Lynn , 04.05.2015, 15:23
Idea status: under consideration


BobO, 26.08.2015, 14:04
What you need to know is the length of the persons stride. Walk 10 steps 5 times and get the average stride length. For me each step = 2.15 feet.
Multiply the stride length by the number of steps and divide by 5280 to get miles. Problem being is you end up with a 10 - 16 digit number. Example:
Walk 100 steps x 2.15 (stride length) = 215 / 5280 = 0.040719696969697 miles
Lynn, 26.08.2015, 14:10
Thanks, but the string.sub command in my above example takes care of the decimal places.

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