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I/O file library LUA


Can you add the I/O library of LUA in watchmaker.
With it, we can create files so, we can save informations like variables, datas, preferences etc...

Thanks and great job

Maestro , 21.05.2015, 12:03
Idea status: under consideration


RobbH, 28.05.2015, 19:23
Yes! I've been wondering how to get my home weather station's current temperature onto a watch face. I haven't tried Tasker yet, so I don't know if that's an option. But this could solve a lot of issues like this.
Valens, 29.06.2015, 03:41
I agree, this would be a great feature. I made a watch that has a daily steps goal and I can also adjust the goal by tapping a couple of buttons. It would be great if I could save my updated goal or others can adjust to their liking and save it without having to adjust every time the face is restarted.
Jcoco, 29.07.2015, 15:40
I agree! I would like to represent a saved table of data graphically. Different sets of saved numbers easily retrievable with a file system. The watch has quite a lot of storage to allow this to be useful.

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