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use transparency in gifs

We simply need the ability to utilize gif transparency. This would open up a lot more possibilities for Watchmaker, as opaque backgrounds make most gifs useless.

Blake , 06.07.2015, 08:42
Idea status: under consideration


Landrik, 21.12.2015, 13:24
I have to agree. I love making watch faces for my family and some of them are really into certain "ambient" design ideas, like cherry blossoms falling across the face as it goes into bright mode. It's completely impossible to do at the moment. Please, devs. Add this ability to import a GIF that's transparent and have it retain transparency.
Shalafi, 29.08.2016, 15:45
I really think this is "a must".
Transparency is one of the most important thing working with GIF images, and since WM "extracts" every GIF frame as a JPG image, I would imagine that changing that behaviur to "extract to PNG image" will do the magic. I mean, I think that transparency with GIF must be a very simple feature to accomplish.

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