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Keep tiles visible while designing

While in the Customize Watch section I would love it if the layer tiles (that's what I am going to call them) didn't scroll up while I was checking or changing the layer properties.
There have been several times where I want to change (for example) the Color of several layers. You need to select the layer, scroll down to the Color, change it, scroll back up to the tiles, select the next layer, scroll back to the color, change. Rinse and repeat over and over :P
It would be awesome if the tiles stayed visible and could scroll down to color, change, tap the next layer tile and still be at the color.
Would also be super handy if I was looking at someone else watch and I wanted to see the Tap action but didn't know what layer it was on.
Not sure if this is possible but this is on my wish list for the next version :)

Dave , 22.09.2015, 15:52
Idea status: under consideration


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