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add the gear s2!

I would like you guys to please add the gear s2 to your watch line up please.

Brandon , 13.10.2015, 02:36
Idea status: completed


James, 22.03.2016, 00:00
The OS is Tizen, uses 2 buttons a back button and a home button the pix are about 360x360
Josh, 17.04.2016, 09:03
I have a Samsung gear classic watch. I don't see that watch on the list. Will your application run on the gear classic?
Aditya, 04.06.2016, 06:56
A lot of my friends own a Samsung gear s2 n really like the watch faces on ur app. , please add gear s2 for all of us to use your paid app.
Nash, 07.06.2016, 06:13
I hv gear s2 . Am asking for the same. Plz we need ur app to work with this gear s2 watch .

Anis Kalai, 27.06.2016, 00:11
can you add gear s2 support please i really would like to buy your app you have great watch faces
Rod Field, 28.07.2016, 19:57
Don't consider it, just add it!
Lyle Roberts , 01.09.2016, 13:13
Please add the Samsung gear s2.
Rod, 23.11.2016, 02:58
Add gear s2!....been waiting ages and still no love.
Storm Kreielsheimer, 08.12.2016, 16:13
YES! PLEASE! Gear s2.......
Spiros Venizelos, 28.12.2016, 03:13
And the gear s3 please
Jlot, 28.12.2016, 22:10
Yes please add the S2/S3.... both same button functionaliteit and pixel size.
J Van, 12.01.2017, 23:29
Bill, 17.01.2017, 11:46
Please add the gear s3
Rob, 28.01.2017, 07:24
If I have the GEAR S3, what watch do I select?
eddy, 13.02.2017, 20:00
When is the gear s3 app gonna show on samsung app store?i beleave samsung dosnt whant it there.tell us pls or make a side loading app for the watch itself.thanks
AlexCurran, 20.02.2017, 09:12
Samsung Gear S2/S3 companion app has now been released! Please check in the Galaxy Apps store!

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